Blast from Past

My name is Ash, of course its not my real name, as I want to share everything about my life here, which I never shared with anybody in my life. You must be thinking why do i need to share it here then?

Normally I am very lively, happy, and friendly person, who is very active and always ready for anything in life, however I am going through phase of life at the moment, where i don’t have anybody to talk. I am literally giving up everyday, I thought this can be the best option at the moment to come out from everything.

Found Best Friend of Life

I was 12 year old, when i show her first time on our street, she looked similar to my age, they just moved to their new house on our street, she had one younger sister and two younger brothers, I don’t remember when i started talking to her, but some how we became friends, her name was Saachi (Name has been changed due to confidentiality), she was in different school than me, she was one year older than me, we always use see each other after our school. we used to discuss about our school friends, homework, study everything. We became really really good friends.



Monday Morning

Here I Am drinking tea, sitting down on sofa, thinking about my last week and week ahead.

what can i do more better in this week than last week, how can i make this week more productive for my life than all the last weeks.

how can i improve myself for the best?

all the images went through my mind for the last week.

#conference #party #food #friends #collegues etc.

I am ready to draw more images for my life and i had last ship of my tea.

Thank you.